Leads are key to a successful real estate business.

With PropertyPulse, you can generate and capture new fans and leads on Facebook.

PropertyPulse is the first product out there to offer lead gating to Realtors – a tool that requires your prospects to submit their contact information to view your Facebook tab content. With each new lead, you receive a notification email and your lead’s contact information is automatically added to your PropertyPulse leads manager

You can also easily generate more Facebook fans with our built-in like gate tool. Simply enable a like gate when building out your Facebook tab and your page visitors will be required to like your page prior to seeing your tab content.

PropertyPulse also makes lead management easier than ever. Create lead groups and easily import leads from other sources to simplify your follow-up. Our robust lead management platform makes it simple.

Lead Capture Tools
Lead Management
  • Welcome Tab Contact Form
  • Like Gate Tool Captures New Fans
  • Lead Gate Tool Captures New Leads
  • Like and Lead Gates Available for All Custom Tabs
  • Email Notifications for Each New Lead
  • Search and Group Functions
  • Import and Export Your Leads
  • Sort by Source, Date, Name and More
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